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Frequently Asked Questions


How much of the phone does it protect?

SureShield can cover the entire screen (glass areas), including edges.  

How do you apply it?

Application is simple.  You can follow along with the video HERE

Or follow our step-by-step instructions:   

Pre-cleaning Device Screen



Applying the Nano Coating




Post Application

Following the application of the Quikcell SureShield Liquid Glass Screen Protector, you may notice that some minor scratching appears on your device. Please do not be concerned as this scratching is in a layer of excess liquid glass remaining on the device screen after application. This scratching is easily buffed off using the microfiber cloth supplied. The device screen always remains protected by the Nano surface layer.

Is it safe for all ports and buttons?

Yes, totally safe. While, SureShield is best suited for the areas of your device with glass, it is ok if it is accidentally wiped over a port or button during the application process.   

Does SureShield screen protector make a glare?

No, once you complete the buffing process, SureShield is invisible to the naked eye. 

Is it like tempered glass?

Both serve the same purpose to protect the display on your device. While tempered glass lays on top of your screen, SureShield actually bonds to the glass itself, on a molecular level. 

How does SureShield Screen Protector work?

When viewed under an electron microscope a mobile screen is not smooth surface, it is full of valleys and ridges which can become points of weakness with exposed to external stress such as drop or abrasion. By coating the device screen with a layer of SureShield these ridges are filled in and the glass becomes much stronger and smoother.  When the liquid glass coating is wiped onto a mobile device screen and the carrier evaporates, then the glass particles remaining on the coated surface embed themselves into the screen at the nano level delivering a highly protective and extremely durable new glass layer.  

What devices can SureShield be used on?

You can safely use SureShield to protect any glass screen or glass surface. This includes devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Essentially when applied to any glass surface or screen, SureShield will increase resistance to scratch and shatter. 

Is it harmful to my device?

No, not at all! SureShield is a completely inert substance and does not harm your device in any way. 

Can I remove SureShield from my screen once it has been applied?

Once it has been successfully applied, it bonds with the glass it has been applied to and becomes part of that glass itself, meaning it cannot be removed.  

Can I use SureShield all over my phone?

SureShield is only effective when applied to the glass surfaces on your device. It does not protect any non-glass surface. While you may apply SureShield to both the glass on a device’s camera and the Device Screen, the Device Reimbursement Guarantee only covers the Device Screen, not the camera glass. 

If my glass screen is cracked, can I still apply SureShield?

It is possible to apply SureShield to a cracked screen, however we would strongly advise against it as you will not be able to register your device for the Device Reimbursement Guarantee with a cracked or broken screen and the level of protection offered by the coating will be dramatically reduced. We would always recommend that you replace a cracked or broken screen before applying the SureShield. 

How many devices can one pack of SureShield coat?

Each pack is designed to coat one device only and you can only register one device per pack with the Device Reimbursement Guarantee. 

Does the SureShield make my device scratchproof and shatterproof?

SureShield has been designed to increase the level of shatter and scratch resistance of mobile devices under normal use and conditions. It is important to remember that your device screen is still made of glass and if you apply excessive blunt force to any glass surface, it will suffer damage. 

I have noticed scratches on my device; however, I have only just applied SureShield to my screen. What do I do?

Following the application of your SureShield, you may notice that some minor scratching appears on your device. Please do not be concerned as this scratching is in a layer of excess glass remaining on your screen after application. This scratching is easily buffed off using a microfiber cloth. 

Device Reimbursement Guarantee

What is a Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

Our Device Reimbursement Guarantee is our commitment to you to reimburse you for certain specified expenses that you may incur in the event that your SureShield fails to perform as intended, subject to certain terms, limitations, exclusions, and conditions. 

Who is ASFALIS®?

ASFALIS® is our partner responsible for managing the Device Reimbursement Guarantee. All Device Reimbursement Guarantee registrations and claims will be serviced through them. So, when seeing this name on various materials and web links, just know you are at the right place!

Do I need to apply my SureShield liquid glass before registering my Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

Yep! Apply your SureShield first. You will need it applied before you can complete any steps in the registration process. Once you’ve applied your SureShield, you may then follow the steps for registering your Device Reimbursement Guarantee.

Why do I need to register for my Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

The reason we require you to register for your Device Reimbursement Guarantee is because we need to link your details and device to the Device Reimbursement Guarantee. By collecting your details and device information and linking those to a Device Reimbursement Guarantee registration, we’re able to ensure the protection products are performing as intended. 

What is covered by the Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

If your device screen breaks within 12 months of the date you purchased your product and you have correctly applied the product and successfully registered that device through the link provided on your insert card (https://asfalis.me/register) , then we will reimburse you for authorized repair, replacement, or incidental expenses up to $200, as stated on your product packaging. 

What is not covered by the Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

A full list of exclusions that are not covered under this Device Reimbursement Guarantee are detailed in the Terms and Conditions

When will my coverage begin?

Our Device Reimbursement Guarantee commitment to you begins upon your successful registration in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Your Device Reimbursement Guarantee must have been registered using https://asfalis.me/register within thirty (30) days of the Product purchase date as set forth on your proof of purchase and failure to do so will void the Device Reimbursement Guarantee. This Device Reimbursement Guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser and registered Device. 

How long does the Device Reimbursement Guarantee last?

Our Device Reimbursement Guarantee commitment to you starts on the date you purchased the product and is valid for 12 months from that date, assuming that it has been registered within 30 days of that purchase date. 

What devices can I register under this Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

A full list of devices that can be registered under this Device Reimbursement Guarantee will be detailed in the Terms and Conditions that are specific to your product. 

How do I activate my Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

To activate your Device Reimbursement Guarantee, you must first register using the site: https://asfalis.me/register and enter the Registration PIN provided on your registration card in your package.

Once the Registration PIN is validated, you will be directed to a Product Page for SureShield. The Product Page will contain all the information you need to know about product application, registration and the Terms and Conditions. 

Follow the onscreen instructions and download the ASFALIS® Registration App available from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once the App is installed, we will request your contact information (name, address and email) so that we can register the Device Reimbursement Guarantee to you. 

Next, we need to you to complete a simple test on your device screen to make sure your screen is intact at the time of registration. We then need to confirm your device information (Make / Model / IMEI) so that we can identify your device correctly and link it to your Device Reimbursement Guarantee. Finally, we will need you to upload a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your purchase. Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your Device Reimbursement Guarantee status. 

I don’t have proof of purchase for my product; can I still register?

Unless you can provide an alternative acceptable form of proof of purchase, you will be unable to register for your Device Reimbursement Guarantee.

If you’ve lost your receipt, you can always try contacting the store you purchased it from to see if they can supply you with another copy. 

Do I have to download and use the ASFALIS® Registration App to register my Device Reimbursement Guarantee?

Yes. The ASFALIS® Registration App needs to be downloaded for registration to take place. This is because the registration process is device specific and must be done on the device that the Device Reimbursement Guarantee is to be applied to. The device will need to go through a Screen Damage Test to validate that the device screen is intact at the time of registration. The registration process also validates the device identity to make sure that the Device Reimbursement Guarantee is applied to the correct device. 

What information will I need to register my device?

You will need your 16 Digit Registration PIN included in your SureShield package and valid proof of purchase to prove the date of purchase. The ASFALIS® Registration App will, if given the appropriate permissions, test your device screen and collect all the relevant device information. You will also need to provide your personal contact details to that we can register the Device Reimbursement Guarantee to you. 

Where do I find my Registration PIN?

The Registration PIN that you need to activate the Device Reimbursement Guarantee for your device is the 16-digit PIN located on a separate card contained within your SureShield package. This Registration PIN is a unique identifier for your specific product, meaning you’re unable to activate your Device Reimbursement Guarantee without this. 

What do I do if my Registration PIN is showing as invalid when I enter it in to the ASFALIS® Registration App?

If your Registration PIN is showing as invalid on the ASFALIS® Registration App, please contact the ASFALIS® Support Team here: https://helpdesk.asfalis.com

What do I do if I have completed the registration on the wrong device?

If you have completed the registration through the ASFALIS® Registration App on the wrong device, please raise a ticket with the ASFALIS® Support Team here: https://helpdesk.asfalis.com

Why do I need to allow certain permissions on my device for registration?

The reason we ask for certain permissions when you are registering through the ASFALIS® Registration App, is purely to enable us to test your device screen and validate your device identity. We cannot collect the required data without your permission. For your security and protection, we ask you to approve each permission separately and we will not proceed with that aspect of the App without such permission. All information requested is required to ensure your device is registered correctly and so that you are protected, in the event you need to make a claim. 

What information do you collect through the ASFALIS® Registration App?

We collect the contact information you provide, the results of the Screen Damage Test, the make/model and identity of your device. We also Geo Locate your device to ensure that it is being registered in the correct region. We do not require access to your contacts or send any sort of communication from your device other than that listed above. We do not change or edit any settings within your device. 

How do you use my data?

Contact information is used to register the Device Reimbursement Guarantee to the person identified in the contact information provided. 

  1. The Screen Damage Test results are used to validate that the device screen is intact at the time of registration and to prevent fraud.
  2. The device identity information collected is used to link the Device Reimbursement Guarantee to the correct device.

How do I know when my registration has been successfully completed?

When you have fully completed the registration process, you will receive an Activation Email with all the details of your Device Reimbursement Guarantee. Please read through this email to make sure that your details are correct. 

What do I do if I haven’t received my Device Reimbursement Guarantee Activation Email?

If you haven’t received your Activation Email, please raise a ticket with the ASFALIS® Support Team here.  

What do I do if the details on my Device Reimbursement Guarantee are incorrect?

If you have noticed that there are details for your Device Reimbursement Guarantee that are incorrect, please raise a ticket with the ASFALIS® helpdesk here with the 16 Digit Registration PIN listed on your Activation Email and the information that you need to be corrected. 

What happens if I do not register for my Device Reimbursement Guarantee within thirty (30) days of my product purchase date?

Your Device Reimbursement Guarantee must have been registered using the ASFALIS® Registration App and within thirty (30) days of the Product purchase date as set forth on your proof of purchase and failure to do so will void the Device Reimbursement Guarantee. Please be aware that this means that if you damage or break your device prior to successfully registering for the Device Reimbursement Guarantee, then your device is not covered under the Device Reimbursement Guarantee and you cannot make a claim. 

What is the process for filing a claim?

  1. To make a claim, the you must have successfully activated your Device Reimbursement Guarantee within 30 days of product purchase.
  2. You must file your claim with ASFALIS® prior to proceeding with repair or replacement. Any repairs or replacements completed prior to ASFALIS® approval will not be reimbursed. 
  3. You can make a claim by clicking the Claim Button in your original Activation Email or by visiting https://claims.asfalis.com and completing the Claim Form. 
  4. Once a claim is submitted, the ASFALIS® Support Team will review the claim and either approve or reject the claim based solely on the information provided. 
  5. If approved, you will receive an email confirming approval and advising you that you can proceed with options for repair or replacement.
  6. You have several options available for repair or replacement. Depending on which option selected, you will need to follow the steps below:  


  • Repair from a local repair shop: You’ll need to provide ASFALIS® with the receipt for repairs. If the receipt is accepted, ASFALIS® will advise you on the reimbursement process.   
  • Repair by ASFALIS®: You will be sent a shipping label along with instructions to mail-in your device. Once repair is completed, device will be sent back to you. Average processing times are 48 – 72 hours.  


  • Replace with an authorized device: The damaged device must be returned to ASFALIS® within 30 days of approval date for inspection. You will then need to provide ASFALIS® with receipt of purchase for the new device. Once receipt is reviewed and damaged device is received and passed inspection, you will be reimbursed up to $200 for their new device. 
  • Reimbursement of deductible costs:  If you have purchased insurance or ADH coverage for your Eligible Device and choos to file a claim under said policy and pay the applicable deductible to your insurance or ADH carrier, you may upload valid proof of payment of the deductible to the Claims Portal. After uploading documentation confirming payment of a deductible to your insurance or ADH carrier, the Administrator will review the documentation and, if accepted, prompt you to provide information required to process a payment to be reimbursed for the cost of the deductible, not to exceed $200. 

How do I file a claim for my broken screen?

If you need to make a claim, please select the Claim Button in your Activation Email and complete the online claim form. If you cannot locate your original Activation Email then please submit a claim here. 

Can I make a claim if my Device Reimbursement Guarantee has not been activated?

The Device Reimbursement Guarantee is not activated unless and until the registration process has been successfully completed through the ASFALIS® Registration App. If damage has occurred to your device’s screen prior to the Device Reimbursement Guarantee being activated, your claim will be rejected. 

I purchased my SureShield when purchasing my device, but my device has since had a manufacturing fault meaning it had to be replaced by my provider. Can you provide me with another SureShield?

You will need to contact the store where you originally purchased your device and SureShield product to request a replacement. As the Administrator, ASFALIS®, Inc. manages the Device Reimbursement Guarantee registration and subsequent claims in the event of screen breakage only. 

What do I do if I have questions or require assistance with my registration?

If you have any queries relating to the registration process, the ASFALIS® Registration App or you would like further information about the Device Reimbursement Guarantee in general, please contact the ASFALIS® Support Team here. 

What repair shops are authorized to do the repair if I choose this method?

You may visit any valid repair shop of your choice to repair your broken screen device. The shop must be able to supply you with a detailed/itemized receipt of repairs done to device, if additional repairs were performed beyond cracked screen repair, ASFALIS® reimburses only for cracked screen repair service. 

What do I need to provide to be reimbursed for my repair costs? Just my receipt?

You will receive an email explaining what is required. It includes the following:   

  • Detailed receipt with your information
  • Device imei or serial number 
  • Itemized repairs conducted on damaged screen device 

If I choose for Quikcell’s partner ASFALIS® to do the repair, how long does it typically take to complete a repair?

Turnaround time is 48-72 hours depending on where you live in the U.S.  

Do you send me the appropriate mailer/packaging to mail the device in? Or am I responsible for organizing the shipment of the device?

You are provided with a shipping label and instructions for packing your device. Once the repair is complete, devices are properly packed in a well-protected phone box and shipped back to you. 

I decided to buy a new phone, how do I get reimbursed?

If you choose not to have your screen repaired  – you have the option to purchase a new comparable device. Quikcell’s partner, ASFALIS®, will let you know if you are authorized to purchase a new comparable device- that is like make/model/features as damaged screen device. You’ll then send a photo of receipt from the new device and mail the broken screen device to Quikcell’s partner, ASFALIS®. You’ll be provided with an instruction email for how to ship your broken device.   

What do I do if I have filed a claim with my mobile device insurance carrier? Can I get reimbursed my deductible costs?

If you have purchased insurance or ADH coverage for your Eligible Device and you’ve filed a claim under said policy and paid the applicable deductible to your insurance or ADH carrier, then you may upload valid proof of payment of the deductible to the Claims Portal. After uploading documentation confirming payment of a deductible to your insurance or ADH carrier, the Administrator will review the documentation and, if accepted, prompt you to provide information required to process a payment to you for reimbursement of the cost of the deductible, not to exceed $200.

How long does it typically take to be reimbursed? 

It really depends on how fast you can complete the claim process. You have 30 days from the time a claim has been validated to complete the process. It can be as fast as 4-5 business days or 30-45 days. 

What are the methods for reimbursement? Check? Direct Deposit?

ACH or eCheck, PayPal, or Paper Check 


I bought my SureShield from a reseller, can I return it directly to Quikcell for a refund?

If you purchased your SureShield from an authorized reseller or distributor and it is defective, we encourage you to first check the sellers return or exchange policy before reaching out to us, as many times they might be able to replace it for you same day. That said, no matter what, you can always file a claim with us.


What measures is Quikcell taking to ensure my package is safe to handle?

Our first priority is the safety of our customers and our warehouse crew.

All warehouse employees follow social distancing and frequent hand washing guidelines and hand sanitizing stations have been implemented. All orders are handled using protective masks and gloves, and shipping carriers have access to our hand sanitizing stations prior to handling our packages.

Will I still be able to receive my warranty assistance and customer support during the pandemic?

Of course! As always, our Customer Support Team is on stand-by (in their respective homes) to address any questions or warranty assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us through support@alphacomm.com or by shooting us a note HERE, and we’ll do our best to help!


How do I contact Quikcell?

We’d love to speak with you! You can always send us a note here or reach out to us directly at either of the following:

Phone: 888-951-0909 
Email: support@alphacomm.com

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