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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I charge my speaker?  

Great question, after all you never want to be without power. You can charge your speaker by plugging the micro-USB tip of your charging cable into your speaker and the USB-A tip into a compatible port (like a car charger, wall charger, or computer).  

Light is RED while charging and turns OFF when fully charged. Allow your speaker to fully charge for a few hours prior to first use.  

Can I use my speaker to make calls?  

Unfortunately, at this time,  PartyBeat speakers cannot be used to answer or make calls. 

How do I connect to my device?  

It’s super simple and easy! If you are connecting for the first time it will automatically enter pairing mode. You will see the LED indicator light flashing and can then search for your PartyBeat speaker in your devices Bluetooth settings. When your device is paired you will hear a connection tone. 

If you are needing to connect it to another device you can do so following the directions below:  

Turn off the Bluetooth for the device that is already connected. You will then hear a tone to know it has been disconnected and see the LED indicator light flashing. You can now search for PartyBeat Pulse in your other devices settings to connect.  

How do I use the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function?  

Connect your PartyBeat to another PartyBeat speaker in just a few seconds.  

Start by making sure the other PartyBeat speaker is within range and that neither speaker is connected to a smartphone, then long press the Mode (M) Button on each speaker to begin pairing. When you see the indicator light change from flashing MULTI-COLOR to solid RED, followed by the connection tone your speakers are paired, and you may now pair them with your phone by selecting PartyBeat Pulse in your Bluetooth settings.  

Note: When speakers are in TWS mode, all functions are linked. Meaning, you only need to use controls on one of the speakers to control both. 


Does PartyBeat come with a warranty?

Most of our items do qualify for replacement under our warranty if the item is subject to normal wear & tear over time, defects in materials or workmanship, or acts of God. Click here to view our policy and submit a claim.

I bought my PartyBeat from a reseller, can I return it directly to Quikcell for a refund?

If you purchased your PartyBeat  from an authorized reseller or distributor and it is defective, we encourage you to first check the sellers return or exchange policy before reaching out to us, as many times they might be able to replace it for you same day. That said, no matter what, you can always file a claim with us.


What measures is Quikcell taking to ensure my package is safe to handle?

Our first priority is the safety of our customers and our warehouse crew.

All warehouse employees follow social distancing and frequent hand washing guidelines and hand sanitizing stations have been implemented. All orders are handled using protective masks and gloves, and shipping carriers have access to our hand sanitizing stations prior to handling our packages.

Will I still be able to receive my warranty assistance and customer support during the pandemic?

Of course! As always, our Customer Support Team is on stand-by (in their respective homes) to address any questions or warranty assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us through support@alphacomm.com or by shooting us a note HERE, and we’ll do our best to help!


How do I contact Quikcell?

We’d love to speak with you! You can always send us a note here or reach out to us directly at either of the following:

Phone: 888-951-0909 
Email: support@alphacomm.com

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